The Role of Big Data and Analytics in the Creation of Smart Nation

Singapore is home to the very first Smart Nation. Smart Nation refers to a community of empowered businesses and individuals brought about by the increased access to data. The existing relationship within a Smart Nation is participatory in nature given the synergized contributions of innovative solutions and ideas, coupled with Singapore’s anticipatory government that makes use of technology to better serve the needs of its citizen. Singapore is at the forefront in creating such a highly technologically advanced nation.

At the very core of Smart Nation’s vision is the significant role of big data technology. Singapore is cognizant of the power of information and technology, and managed to leverage its fullest capacity in achieving its goals for its people.

However, given the large amount of information involved in the operation of Smart Nation and the pervasiveness of the Internet, people may ask how data can be managed appropriately and who will handle them, particularly in regard to the public. The Personal Data Protection Act of Singapore effectively regulates personal data, particularly its collection, utilization, care and disclosure. However, this Act excludes the public sector.

This is where the role of start-ups becomes vital. Singapore has become a haven for small to medium sized companies that can offer various enterprises big data software that will help them handle and analyze information.  Trifacta, the pioneer in data wrangling, has made its presence felt in Singapore through its partnership with The Data Wrangling Factory.

Trifacta coined the term “data wrangling,” which basically means data preparation. This involves the process of transforming raw data into prepared output data which will be leveraged in analysis, and designed for access to business insights. The software capable of data wrangling has been made available in Singapore through The Data Wrangling Factory. This software is a fully automated solution and does not necessitate human interaction, making it fast and easy to use.

The opportunities in Singapore are not only attractive to start-ups but even to data analytics professionals who intend to boost their careers. Various private and government entities are focused on technological innovations and these professionals can give huge contributions to the Smart Nation vision.

Almost all sectors in the country are undergoing digital transformation. They recognize that data is the core asset that serves to fuel their success and continued growth. As such, professionals skilled at obtaining value from data are needed.

Besides human resource development and technological products, there is also a big need to have private equity knowledgeable on technology, services and products to provide firms in Singapore informed bets on whether or not they will succeed. They are the ones that will help these firms decide how to handle their data and turn them into useful information. This is where The Data Wrangling Factory could be of great help.

You often see me write about big data, analytics, data mining, data science, data wrangling, predictive analytics, and many other similar terminologies. Are they one and the same? Find out in my next article and I will help you become an expert on these technical terms.  Then I will also feature an article that will explain why big data and analytics is a sexy topic these days.

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